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Customized Spray Tan $45
Can be customized to your shade preference pick from light, medium or dark. Fully developed at 8 hours

Express Spray Tan $55

Our express tan offers the convenience for showering sooner. Shower in 2 hours for a light color or shower in 4 hours for a darker color. It still takes 8 hours to be full color development

How to prepare for your spray tan?

  • All Waxing/shaving should be done prior to your spray tan.

  • Exfoliate with Bora Bora Body Polish or any other non oily scrub.

  • Come free of any makeup,perfumes & deodorants

  • Wear dark loose fitting clothing some cosmetic bronzers
    may rub off.

  • Ladies- bring with you a dark swimsuit or dark undergarments 

  • Gentlemen- bring with you dark brief's or swim trunks

  • Avoid showering, swimming or perspiring for 8 hours 



Note: Spray Tanning does not protect against sunburns so you should always apply a sunscreen when going outside.

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